Existence. Decomposition. Silence. Life?

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This thing is really sentient
Eren’s expressions during his reunion with the Colossal Titan

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- So you realise that Sherlock got us out here to see his mum and dad for a reason?
- His lovely mum and dad. A fine example of married life. I get that.

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A quick sketch for a friend.

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Shingeki no Memorable Quotes

Is it okay if we cut off your hands and legs? They’ll grow back right? I’m talking about your limbs, not the Titan’s. We need you alive, after all…

We don’t belong here.
We’re  i n v a d e r s   from the inside,
We’re  s u r v i v o r s   in silver skin.
Shapeless, me move,
Unwinding the wires between.
We don’t belong here.

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Shingeki no TAROT
↳ The Major Arcana Tarot card meanings illustrate the structure of human consciousness and, as such, hold the keys to life lessons passed down through the ages. The imagery of the Major Arcana Tarot cards is filled with wisdom from multiple cultures and esoteric traditions, including the Egyptian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Hebrew and Christian religions.  Inspirations [x] [x]

Marvel Sequels: No One Ever Gets a Haircut

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